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Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Reporting Line:

    Regular attendance at school in every grade is essential if the child is to receive the maximum benefit of the educational program of the school district.

    We hope you find the Attendance Policy helpful and informative in the event your child is ill.
    Perfect Attendance

    Please be reminded that students are expected to be in attendance each day from 7:45 am - 2:50 pm. Students are allowed 1 tardy per each 9 week reporting period. Early check-outs prior to 2:50 pm are discouraged and count against perfect attendance. If you must check your child out for a doctor/dentist appointment or any other medical type appointment, please be sure to provide documentation of their visit upon return to school the following day. Please be reminded that checking your child out early for gymnastics, dance, private lessons of any kind, Tae-kwon-do, Karate, pep rallies, etc. count as an early check-out and will be counted against perfect attendance.