• Please find Dual Credit information below.  If you are just starting with dual credit, you may find it useful to scroll down to find the first update in each semester's registration cycle.

  • Fall '22 Registration Information

    Posted by John Boehringer on 4/20/2022 11:30:00 AM

    As of April 20th, college registration for dual credit classes is now open for eligible students. Students must complete the enrollment process and remove holds on their Collin College accounts prior to registering for classes.

    • You can find core academic and some special electives course sections and registration numbers (CRNs) at this link.  
    • Health science students in programs requiring applications and approvals can find their CRNs here.  
    • Students wishing to take classes as part of the Celina Campus Cohort can find their CRN’s here.

    Collin has provided this handy guide to completing your registration. Please note that a common mistake is to not select the correct term.  You need to choose “Credit Fall 2022.” Without this selection, you will not be able to find your classes.

    Registration for PISD high school students will close after May 13th. Students are encouraged to pay for their classes at the time they register, if possible, but all classes must be paid for at the college by July 20th or students will be dropped and not reinstated. Collin has provided this clicksheet to help guide you with payments.

    If you have not yet begun the process, please scroll below for information on how to enroll and register for Fall ‘22  and Summer ‘22 dual credit courses. 

    Registration minutia:

    1. Seats should be available for all students who signed up for these classes as part of their high school course selection process, so there is no need to rush, but we do encourage students and families to register promptly so that we can help resolve any problems that may arise.
    2. Interpreting which classes are which:
      1. Look at the times of day. These correspond to the bell schedule for next year.
      2. Monday/Wednesday (MW) classes in the college system fall on our A-days.  Tuesday/Thursday (TR) classes fall on our B-days.
      3. Look for the number in the section code. With a couple of exceptions this tells you which period the class falls in. For example, PR1 is a first period section on A-day. PR6 is a 6th period section on B-day. There are some periods when more than one section is offered. For instance, in first period there are several sections of English Composition 1301, coded as PR1 and PRA respectively. Students wanting a first period English comp section can sign up for either class. There is a similar code for an extra 8th period section (PRB). The most important thing is to look at the time of day and days of the week, as indicated in items a) and b) above.
    3. Students who participate in special programs and extracurricular activities are encouraged to select classes that will not conflict with their special programs. If you are unsure what time of day your programs will fall, please connect with your coach or program director. If you cannot find a seat in a class that does not create a known conflict, sign up for any available seat and let your counselor know.  (PHS Counselors / Rock Hill Counselors)  We will do our best to accommodate all students. High School counselors may ask college administration to change student’s sections to resolve schedule conflicts. Counselors will contact students with irreconcilable schedule conflicts in August.

    Trouble with registering or holds on your college account? Contact Collin College Liaison Counselor Alicia Schulze

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  • Dual Credit Enrollment Information for the 2022-23 school year

    Posted by John Boehringer on 1/25/2022 4:00:00 PM

    Dual Credit courses are courses by which students can earn high school and college credit simultaneously.  These are college classes, taught by college professors and require enrollment with our partner, Collin College, to participate.  You can find the presentation from the Monday, 11/29/21 meeting here.  Read on for a summary and important info.  Additionally, our partners at Collin College have provided this helpful presentation that outlines the entire dual credit program and enrollment process.  It’s a lot of things, but we’ve given you a summary and directions on how to get help below.

    Dual Credit courses are specific classes that earn high school and college courses simultaneously.  Juniors and Seniors are eligible to participate, with a singular exception for sophomores on the health science track who may choose to take Medical Terminology.

    Class Models:

    Starting in school year 2022-2023, we have three options for students wishing to participate in dual credit classes:

    1. Traditional:  This is the a la carte model that we have utilized in the past. Students take select classes on their PISD campus. These classes may be taught by “visiting” faculty who travel from Collin to teach at our schools, or by “embedded” professors, who are also PISD teachers, certified and hired by Collin College to teach these classes.  Students can also take a la carte classes in-person in the evenings, weekends, and summer, with certain restrictions.
    2. Collin Celina Campus Cohort: This model is new this year.  Students who commit (during the Spring semester, date TBD) to the Celina Cohort, will do the morning half of their school day at the Collin College campus in Celina.  Bus transportation will be available for those who need it.  Students who enter this cohort as a junior and continue as a senior, can earn up to 58 credit hours prior to graduation, just shy of an associate's degree. This program will depend on guaranteeing a level student interest to ensure classes are available. If your student is interested in participating in this program, you must fill out this form.  We will connect with all students later in the year to request a firm commitment.Sample Celina Schedule
    3. (Updated, April 2022) Science class a la carte options at Collin Celina: As a result of schedule concerns with the college and transportation issues, students wishing to participate in dual credit science classes should enroll in the Celina campus cohort described above.

    How do I sign up for dual credit classes?

    Here is a checklist provided by Collin College.  Please download or print this document and follow along below.

    1. Apply to Collin College.  Do this now. Please note that the college has informed us of difficulties with their application system. We have provided a link to the statewide system. Students will need to make sure they are selecting "Collin College" and indicating the appropriate starting term, most likely Fall 2022.
      1. **Caution**The college has changed the link to apply. The information in the video and presentation below is good, but the application link is incorrect.  Please apply at this link.  Our partners from Collin College have provided this presentation and a video that will help you navigate through the application process (you have to apply and become a Collin student before you do anything else--Hint: Do NOT use your Prosper ISD email on your application since it will go away after you graduate from high school).
      2. Save your email that you receive that has your CWID and Collin Login information.  
    2. Select your dual credit course choices in Skyward when you do your High School course selection in January.  Doing this lets us know how many students might be interested in a class, but it DOES NOT sign you up for the class.  You must complete the process with Collin to enroll in your classes. This step is new for Fall ‘22.
    3. Decide if you want to commit to the Celina Campus Cohort. If you do, we ask that you submit your intent to participate by filling out this special form
    4. Submit your Dual Credit Permission Form. (Electronic form) 
      1. We recommend that you submit your form electronically by March 4th to ensure priority processing by both your high school and Collin College.
      2. Submitting the form online does not automatically remove the hold from your Collin account. The form will be processed by a human being at Collin.
      3. Your parents are required to do this with you and sign the form electronically.
      4. Forms submitted after March 4th will be delayed in processing. It may take up to two weeks to remove the permission form hold.
      5. All fields must be completed. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.  
    5. Clear your other registration holds.
      1. A Collin College counselor is on campus at both high schools who can help with both dual credit, Collin College, and any college and career issues beyond high school.  Email Alicia Schulze if you have questions. She is a great resource.
      2. Collin has provided us with this guide to resolving holds.
      3. Your high school counselor can also be a big help.  (PHS Counselors / Rock Hill Counselors)
      4. Try to complete this step by April 19th.
      5. If you wait to clear your holds, you may find the class periods that you want for your dual credit classes are full.
    6. Register for classes.
      1. We will release registration instructions and course registration numbers around April 19th.
      2. Our partners at Collin College have provided this informative, how-to video, to help guide you through the process of registering for your classes, once you have cleared your holds, of course.
      3. The deadline to clear holds and register for classes will be May 13th, 2022. Students who have not completed registration by this time will not be taking DC classes in the Fall.
    7. Pay for your classes or set up a payment plan with Collin College before July 20th, 2022.
      1. Students who do not pay for their classes by this deadline will be dropped and not reinstated into dual credit classes.
    8. Summer: Our counselors will contact you if we cannot reconcile conflicts in your schedule.  In rare cases you may be asked to choose between dual credit classes, or elective programs.

    Here are your key dates for Fall ‘22 Dual Credit this year:

    • Happening now: Select your dual credit class choices in Skyward
    • March 4th: Dual Credit Permission forms submitted online.
      • This date guarantees priority processing. It may take up to two weeks to process your permission form.
    • April 20th: Online registration opens for Collin College through CougarWeb
      • Registration holds should be cleared by this time.
      • We will provide Course Registration Numbers (CRN’s) needed on this date.
    • May 13th: Last day to register for dual credit classes for PISD students
    • May 21st: Last day of school for PISD
    • July 20th: Last day to pay for classes at Collin College. Failure to complete payment or set up a payment plan will result in you being dropped from registered classes and not reinstated.


    Common “Holds” you need to resolve before your can register and pay for your classes:

    Collin has provided us with this guide to resolving holds.

    1. Testing/TSI (see below)
    2. Safety Training
      1. Done online in CougarWeb
    3. Immunization
      1. Your permission form will remove this hold for students taking classes only at a PISD campus, with the exception of a few health science courses.
      2. Students taking classes at a Collin campus will need to submit immunization documents.
    4. Transcripts
      1. Your permission form will resolve this hold.

    Testing / TSI:

    Once accepted to the college, in order to be eligible to register for classes one of your holds is for TSI testing.  This is basically a Texas version of the SAT that is required for admission to public colleges and universities.  Many students will receive waivers or exemptions based on SAT, ACT, PSAT, and even STAAR scores, in some cases.  If you don’t have the needed scores (see page 2) you will have to take the TSI. This year, each high school has set up a testing day at the Celina Campus of Collin College. RHHS is March 1st and PHS is March 2nd for students who need to take the full TSI. There are a limited number of spots, and a sign-up will be emailed to families. Transportation will be provided. If you can’t take it then, or if you don’t sign up, you can take it at any Collin campus.  PISD will communicate more info about the school day test option soon.

    Students with Disabilities:

    Students currently receiving accommodations or other services via a 504 plan or a special education IEP in high school should apply for services at Collin College through the ACCESS office. Your high school counselor can help you with this process if you need assistance.  You can do this as soon as you have enrolled with the college and have your CWID number.  If you need copies of your high school paperwork, please contact your counselor.  Don’t wait to do this. If you wait until your classes start next Fall, you may not receive accommodations that you need to be most successful until well into the semester.

    Forwarding email:

    Once you apply to the college and receive your response at your personal email (remember, don’t use your PISD student email account when you apply to Collin), students are encouraged to check their Collin College email account regularly.  You are a college student now. You can handle multiple email accounts.  However, if you want to forward email to another account, our friends at Collin College have provided a helpful video.

    Summer Classes

    • Summer classes: 
      • Registration opens March 7th
      • Registration closes depending on which Summer Session
      • Summer payment deadline May 4th
      • Summer Session 1 (5-week session) June 6th – July 8th
      • Summer Session 2 (5-week session) July 11th – August 9th
      • Summer Session 3 (10-week session) June 6th – August 9th
      • Apply and register ASAP for Summer 2022 term courses
      • Summer Term Permission Form - student must submit this form separate from the permission form for Fall 2022/Spring 2023 dual credit classes
      • GPA restrictions common to all summer classes apply*
      • Any classes listed in the Prosper ISD High School Course Guide may be taken for dual credit.  Other college classes may be taken for concurrent credit (see below).
      • Summer DC important dates:

    Online Classes

    • Dual credit in an online section: 
      • No online courses are planned for Fall 2022, but this is subject to health and safety protocols.
      • Online DC courses are generally not approved, but students with irreconcilable schedule conflicts may request individual approval from your campus dual credit administrator.
      • GPA restrictions common to all online classes apply,* even in situations of irreconcilable conflict 

    * See the Prosper ISD High School Course Guide for more information about GPA and summer/online courses.

    Concurrent Credit vs. Dual Credit:

    High school students may take other college classes that are not listed as dual credit classes in the Prosper ISD course guide. These courses will earn the student college credit, but not high school credit.  If you wish to enroll in Concurrent Credit classes, Collin College still requires that you submit a permission form authorized by your parent/guardian, and your school counselor.  This is a different form than the dual credit form and is processed differently.

    Concurrent Credit Steps:

    After applying to the college

    1. Submit this concurrent credit permission form.
    2. Email your counselor (PHS Counselors / Rock Hill Counselors) and Alicia Schulze to let them know of your intentions.

    Need help with anything?

    Contact your counselor  (PHS Counselors / Rock Hill Counselors)

    Contact Collin College Liaison Counselor Alicia Schulze



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