Technology Department






    The human factor cannot be replaced; teachers are the most important component in the classroom. But a teacher with good technology and support can reach new heights in instruction.


    The Technology Department at Prosper ISD will make every effort to provide a high level of commitment to excellence and serve and support every single individual in the district.

    Facts and Figures



    • 9 Elementary Schools
    • 2 Middle Schools
    • 1 High School
    • Central Administration and Support Services buildings
    • Currently:
      • Furr and Stuber Elementary schools, Hays Middle school, stadium, and natatorium to open summer 2019
      • 1 high school, 1 middle school, and 1 elementary school to open summer 2020

    Staff and Students

    • +14,000 students and growing rapidly
    • +1,600 staff members


    • Over 3,000 Window devices
    • Over 15,000 Google Chrome devices
    • Over 1,900 iPads and 725 Mac Devices


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