Prosper ISD Library Media and Instructional Technology Services

  •  The Prosper ISD Instructional Media Team strives to work together with the collective stakeholders of our school community:

    • Exhibits responsibility when locating, evaluating, and synthesizing information
    • Seeks opportunities for lifelong learning
    • Demonstrates creative and purposeful use of technology
    • Values reading for pleasure
    • Contributes to community as informed and thoughtful citizens

    Our vision is for Prosper ISD Library and Instructional Technology services to be portable, participatory, and personal. We strive to create opportunities for our school community members to:

    • Learn, teach, create, collaborate, and share
    • Give and receive support, encouragement, and guidance
    • Access information and resources 24/7
    • Creatively and responsibly experiment with technology
    • Receive training and instruction 24/7
    • Value and practice reading in any form
    • Make global and local connections with authors, illustrators, and experts
    • Explore personal and reading interests through a variety of programs and activities
    • Confidently use the library space and resources
    • Have fun! 
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