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  • When does Gaming Club meet?  We meet on the following dates from 4:00pm - 5:00pm. - Sept. 5, Oct. 10 & 24,  Nov. 14 & 28,  and Dec. 12
    Where does Gaming Club meet?  We meet inside the PHS Eagle Library.
    Can I bring snacks with me?  Of course!  Snacks and drinks of all kinds are okay.  We've even been known to order pizza from time to time!
    Do I need to bring any games with me?  You can bring your favorite game with you, but you don't have to.  We usually have a Nintendo Wii or PlayStation set up, but you can also bring your laptop, DS, or any other gaming device. 
    Do you ever play anything besides video games?  Yep.  We play Magic the Gathering, chess, and many other tabletop games.  We've even had students create and play their own homemade games. 
    Do I have to sign up or pay any club dues?  Nope.  Gaming Club is a free activity that welcomes everyone!  No registration necessary. 


Last Modified on August 13, 2018