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Prosper Parents' Panel for Suicide Prevention

Prosper Parents’ Panel for Suicide Prevention: Hurting, Helping and Healing

There’s no easy way to say it... It’s been a hard time in Prosper recently, and many people are asking important questions.

Why are people hurting so badly?

How can we know who is hurting and how to help them?

What can we do to support someone who has lost a loved one?

Why do I feel so rocked by lives lost so close to home, and what can I do to feel better
while also making sure my own family members are ok, too?

What resources are available in our community that can make a difference and positively
impact our lives and the lives of those we love?

How can we each make this community, including ourselves and our own
families, healthier and happier?

This special event comes at a time when many have felt the impact of recent lives lost in our community. We want to honor those who are missed, support their loved ones, and bring awareness to an area of mental health that often is silent but certainly impacts the majority of us in many ways.

On Thursday, November 15th at the Town Hall Council Chambers, the town of Prosper, Prosper ISD, Prosper mental health professionals, first-responders, and loved ones directly impacted by suicide came together to provide a panel discussion for our Prosper community. Below are links to some of the information provided at the meeting as well as contact information if you have any question, concerns or need to reach out to someone to get help.

Suicide Prevention Information Presented at the Panel

This is a video from the panel discussion

Sarah Feuerbacher, Ph.D., LCSW-S
Counseling CARE Prosper