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Business Professionals Wanted

Prosper High School is seeking business professionals who are interested in attending our Prosper Career Independent Study (PCIS) Symposium.

PCIS is a program that provides opportunities for gifted and high-achieving juniors and seniors to pursue a field of study that relates to their potential future career.

We are in need of professionals from many of the following fields: medical (biomedical engineering, pediatric dentistry, general medicine, oncology, sports medicine), photojournalism, engineering (biomedical, electrical), fashion advertising, sports marketing, veterinary medicine, quantum physics, and political science.

We welcome other professions as well, since students may be undecided about a career field they want to explore. Business professionals who attend the symposium will be interviewed by our PCIS students in 10 minute rotations. This provides our students an opportunity to refine their research topics, practice interview skills, build confidence in talking with professionals, and practice professional etiquette. Guests will not need to interview students, nor will they need to prepare any work or presentation in advance.

Your time and participation is so valuable to us in making this program a success. Please find further information about the symposium below:
September 25, 2018
Prosper High School Arena Foyer (301 Eagle Drive, Prosper, TX 75078)

*Lunch will be provided.

PCIS students will have resumes on hand and may ask to give you their resumes or ask for possible follow up interviews.

Please use your own discretion in deciding whether to maintain professional contact or participate further in the students’ research. If you are able to participate, please contact Deneen Wike at the email below by Friday, Sept. 14, 2018.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact either Mrs. Ballard, Mrs. Anders Mr. Rutledge or Ms. Wike by phone or email.

We hope you will be able to participate in the PCIS symposium.

With gratitude,

Tiffany Ballard, PCIS Facilitator - 469-219-2181

Janet Anders, Director of Advanced Academics - 469-219-2032

Seth Rutledge, Coordinator - - 469-219-2000 ext 13119

Deneen Wike, Advanced Academics Administrative Assistant 469-219-2000 ext 13107

301 Eagle Drive Prosper, Texas 75078

ph 469.219.2180