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Friday Night Superstars

Friday Night Lights brings with it great excitement. Parents can’t wait to see their students participate and perform in this time honored Texas tradition week after week in the fall. In Prosper ISD, Friday Night Lights (FNL) isn’t just about the football team, athletic trainers, cheerleaders, drill team, and band. There is also a group of students behind the scenes who create an incredible experience for everyone. 

The opening of Prosper ISD’s Children’s Health Stadium didn’t just provide an amazing facility for our students and community. It also provided a training ground for our Audio/Visual students. Unlike most stadiums in the state, Prosper ISD’s FNL is run and coordinated by Prosper ISD students under the direction of district Audio/Visual teachers, Michael Logan and Mike Hatch. 

students working in stadiumIn Prosper ISD, students run the entire production. For the first few games, Logan will direct the games to set expectations, but after a few games the students start to direct, making the show 100% student produced. This includes audio engineer, six cameras, instant replay, director, technical director, and camera shading.

These elite technicians apply to be on the stadium crew in the spring for the following year. They have to submit demo reels and teacher references. The process is, essentially, handled like a job and is unrelated to school work and school programs, although mostly video and broadcast students apply. The next step is training. Training consists of two days of on-site training at the stadium. Additionally, students must shadow a few games to get experience before being allowed to actually work a game. 

Since opening in the Fall of 2019, several Prosper ISD graduates have used their experience as a member of the Children’s Health Stadium Production crew to achieve great things. 

  • 2020 Graduate Ryan Little was able to begin working immediately for the Rough Riders based upon his stadium experience. Little went to UNT to study broadcast media and worked the UNT football games. Soon after, he started working for Fox Sports Southwest (now called Bally Sports) working college baseball, basketball, and baseball games in the control room. He was just asked to run the replay system for the NBA team OKC Thunder through Bally. He is now starting his sophomore year at UNT studying Broadcast Media.
  • 2021 graduate Maggie Hale served as a Sideline Reporter, GameTime Host, Director, and Camera Operator. She was a host for Rough Riders last season, and is now working for TCU sports broadcasting as a co-host on ESPN+ for a TCU Sports Show with Brian Estridge.
  • 2020 graduate Leah Devore started working for BYUTV immediately after graduating. 
  • Additionally, a couple of current students have worked for the Rough Riders and Allen Americans Hockey.

While the commitment requirement is mostly Fridays, there are other events for the crew. For example, the crew will have a September 11th memorial event and a Saturday college football game at the stadium in September. The team is also responsible for soccer games, some Lacrosse, and even got booked for a collegiate Lacrosse game last year.

Make sure to take in the excellence produced by these students when you are next at Children’s Health Stadium. The lights, the cameras, the graphics, the stories, and the actions are all a performance by these amazing students who train for their future careers every week.