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Class Promises

Establishing norms for groups and meetings has become commonplace in today’s society. In Ms. Chelsi Henry’s 3rd grade class at Boyer Elementary, students are establishing norms of their own in the way of Class Promises. 

The class made their "class promises" at the beginning of the school year. Students worked in groups to come up with "promises" that they were going to commit to for the third grade school year. After the groups brainstormed ideas, the class then came together as a class, shared the ideas and decided on the most important ones as a class. The Class Promises for the year are:

  1. Be encouraging and positive to one another
  2. Lead by example
  3. Respect Mrs. Henry and follow her instructions
  4. Be safe
  5. Be prepared

The class wrote them on a large paper and each student and Ms. Henry signed it. It is posted in the classroom. Ms. Henry has “referred back to these promises since the beginning of the year!  We have used the verbiage in our day to day! Our FAVORITE one to use is Lead By Example because we are all working on being positive leaders in our classroom, school and community!”