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Momo online game concerns

Many Prosper ISD parents have shared their concerns about something called "The Momo Challenge," an online "game" similar to last year's "Blue Whale Challenge." This game appears to be more fiction than fact, but it's important for parents to talk to their children about it, as it could still be very scary for kids. We'd like to offer some tips for navigating this topic:

  1. Ask your kids if they have seen anything online that has made them upset or scared. 
  2. You might explain that there are people who post things online in order to get attention, and that these things are often untrue. 
  3. Talk to your kids about who it's okay to talk to online and who it's not okay to talk to online.  
  4. Let kids know that they can talk to you about anything they see that's strange or scary online. 
  5. Teach kids that when they see something strange online that they shouldn't close it or turn the computer off. If they stop what they are doing and come to you, you will be able to see where the content came from and address it. 

We recommend that you follow your kids' lead during this discussion. If you bring up the idea of the Momo Challenge to a child who has not heard of it, they might go online to investigate, or bring it up with friends. On the other hand, if you don't discuss it at all, you might miss the opportunity to talk about these important topics. 

Here are some resources you might find helpful about this, and about other student cybersafety issues: 

Info on the Momo Challenge: The Momo Challenge

General Cybersafety Information: