What is an overflow bus?

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An overflow bus is a bus that finishes their route early enough to assist another with theirs and can get students to school on time or get the students home (barring traffic and/or a train) within 1 hour of the last bus released from the campus. (Middle School buses are usually cleared to leave around 3:40 so arrival home on an overflow bus will be around 4:40.)  

Once a bus has the potential to be over capacity, 48 students, the following is determined:

  • Which bus could be used as an overflow bus.
  • Which bus stop, preferably one, contains enough students to put the ridership count back at capacity.

At that time: 

  • Parents are notified via ConnectEd that an overflow bus is being used.
  • The driver is informed of the stop, preferably one, that will be handled by the overflow bus.
  • All overflow bus information is emailed to the Assistant Principal(s) at the school.
  • At dismissal, the Assistant Principal directs the students where to wait.
  • Once the overflow bus arrives, which is usually 15 – 20 minutes after the last bus leaves, the Assistant Principal directs the students to the bus. (Traffic at the school may increase the wait/departure time.)
  • Most students are home within 1 hour of the last bus being released from the campus.
  • For consistency, the students at the stop(s) the overflow bus transport to will continue to be transported on that bus until another route can be formed.