Architecture Students Win Awards and Scholarship

Posted by PISD Communications on 2/5/2019

Prosper group In late January, the annual Architecture, Construction and Engineering mentor Architecture project 1 program awards program was held.  Prosper High School architecture students were a part of this evening. The program was a two month program the students attended every Thursday night with mentors from the architecture/construction/engineering fields.  Prosper had five (5) students in the group of 90 students involved. The students were: Alan Weng, Edwin Delima, Brooks Feldker, Derek Holdge and Ariya George. The students were put into groups with other students from other schools and were asked to design a building as part of a New York City "new" city block.  

Architecture project 2 Alan Weng's team won first place for their project video.

Derek Holdge's team won first place for their display board.  

In addition to the category awards, there were also six (6) scholarships given out.  One for $1,000, four for $5,000 and one ultimate winner of a $10,000 Student Receiving check scholarship.

Prosper is very proud to report that Prosper High School Senior Ariya George was the winner of the $10,000 scholarship.