PHS CTE Classes Learn Through Mock Bomb Scene

Posted by PISD Communications on 3/6/2019

Officer Steven talking Ms. Viars’ and Ms. Alexander’s, Forensics and Law EnforcementStudents looking at items on ground teachers at Prosper ISD, are always looking for ways to make learning come to life for their students. Prosper ISD Chief of Security, Officer Jody Woolverton came to teach students about explosives. After the lesson, Prosper ISD Officer Steven Antommarchi set up crime scenes for students to master their processing skills.  Students involved worked as crime scene teams.

Each team was assigned an area along with roles within their teams.  They were required to complete all steps within their scenes and then work on communication with other 'agencies' at the site. Students learned how to assess situations for all safety hazards and then complete their processing steps.  They worked on Students looking at crime scene communication skills with the public and other teams along with technical writing.

Students were amazed at how suspects can use ordinary items as explosives and distractions at scenes.  Students were able to see how all the roles and responsibilities of the team affected each other. They also saw how different agencies worked together for the same cause.  It was an event that gave students hands-on experience and built positive relationships among officers and students as well.