What is the Prosper ISD Graduate Profile?

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In order for us to be unified in what our ultimate purpose as a district is, we must work collectively as a school community and we must all understand what our ultimate aims are for each and every student. In order for this to happen, we have developed the Prosper ISD Graduate Profile. The five components of the graduate profile are used as foundational principles in the daily curriculum and activities of who we are as Prosper ISD. We have chosen to not leave these things to chance, but to plan them by choice. When our graduates ultimately walk across the stage at graduation, it will not be solely about the certain amount of credits being reached or a certain GPA, it will be about who they are as young men and young women collectively because of their time in Prosper ISD. The collective stakeholders and communities that serve Prosper ISD work together so that our students, exhibit academic readiness, seek the opportunities and challenges of learning, demonstrate well-rounded characteristics, value honor and respect of others and contribute towards community through involvement.

Graduate Profile