Is there an anonymous way to report bullying, harassment or other school-related issues?

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Yes – many of our campuses have “Bully Reporting Boxes” where students can write down their complaint or concern and place it in the box (near the front office).  Moreover, EVERY campus has a form on the homepage of their respective campus websites where anything of this nature can be reported completely anonymously if so desired.  Moreover, the district has also implemented a new electronic mechanism (“No Bullying Zone”) to anonymously report misconduct, vandalism, mistreatment, drugs, etc. so that we can work to best ensure the safest environment for our students. We recognize that it is sometimes difficult for students to come forward, so we have tried to make it as easy and as “private” as possible.

tip411 is a method in which reports can be made regarding unsafe, criminal or suspicious behavior at school.

The bullying report links can be found under the parent tab and "No Bully Zone" and "tip411" is also found under the parent tab.

“Prosper ISD Chat” is also another way to reach out to district officials.