Given the events around our country, what is PISD doing to help ensure the safest environment?

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PISD continues to run drills and simulate mock situations on each campus to ensure preparedness.  We are also working to make sure that access to our schools continues to be very controlled and restricted.  The ISD continues to evaluate other options that pertain to an increased presence of armed security at events and campuses.  Unfortunately, we cannot control “madness”, but we certainly want to do our due diligence in preparing for the unthinkable in a reasonable way that does not punitively compromise the school experience.  We are also partnering with other local police departments in a new initiative called Priority ONE. We invite any uniformed officers to eat (for free) at any of our secondary campuses to add yet another layer of law enforcement visibility on our campuses. And finally, we have added parking lot security for PHS during the school day as well. Your input in this area is always welcomed.