What are the reasons for PISD having its own police department?

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The territory of Prosper ISD extends into six municipalities (Town of Prosper, City of Frisco, City of McKinney, City of Celina, Collin County, and Denton County).  PISD had a resource officer that was shared with the Town of Prosper several years ago, but in the end that person was restricted to the “Town of Prosper” only and experienced time management conflicts.  An officer of PISD will have jurisdiction across all the campuses whereas otherwise we would be dependent on the various departments of the different municipalities. This will help us improve communication with everyone AND strengthen our partnerships.  Prosper ISD will have at least one officer for every PISD campus beginning in August 2019. As in the past, the Prosper PD will continue to work with us regarding security at events and all issues within the Town of Prosper. Our hope is also that this will help begin to bridge the gap between cops and kids.  Although there is the obvious “enforcement” component to this, the PISD police will also have an educational agenda as we begin to work with our younger students about the importance of law enforcement along with making good decisions.