Why wasn't HS#2 started earlier?

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Great question – although our community has been amazing to approve bonds authorizing the District to build schools, we can only “sell bonds” at a rate that the local values would allow, which is why we always harp on the necessity of commercial/retail development in our district.  Rooftops do not generate enough value to keep up with the needs that come from our rapid growth. For example, currently PISD is able to sell $100 million in bonds for every 1.2 billion dollar increase in local valuation. In order for PISD to keep pace with student growth, local values would need to increase about 2.2-2.5 billion each year and that is simply not happening at the moment.  If we started Rock Hill HS a year earlier, it would have required us to not build ES #10 (Furr Elementary), ES #11 (Stuber Elementary), and MS #3 (Hays Middle) that all opened this fall – all of which are always hard decisions.