How do I stay aware of what my student is working on in Mrs. Pesnell's class?

Posted by: Rachel Pesnell

I recommend that all parents know their student's username and password in order to log in to Google Classroom. Logging in this way will show you what Google Classroom looks like from the student's perspective. I think this is a better way to be aware than simply receiving the automated emails from Google for which parents signed up.

Tip #1: Just because a student has clicked on the "Turn In" button for an assignment does not mean that the assignment is complete. I recommend selecting the assignment, opening it, and verifying that it is finished. 

Tip #2: As a teacher, I am pretty good about including the due date/time for assignments, but I do forget every now and then.

Tip #3: Most work done in class is completed online; however, there are items that are paper based which might not be available in Google Classroom.


Rachel Pesnell