Informational Meetings and Events

      Campus Tours

      • Prosper Parent Ambassadors will be hosting campus tours for parents, grandparents, community members who would like to connect with our school communities and learn more about the positive things occurring in our Prosper ISD schools.


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      Design for Life: Learning that Transcends the Classroom

      • Do your students talk about learning experiences and you think..."That's not the way we did it when I was in school?" We invite you to meet with the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction and the Director of Elementary Curriculum to explore Prosper ISD's curriculum framework. This informational session is not about any specific content, but about how student-centered content delivery develops the competencies required to be successful in life.


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      Learn How to be a Teacher or Coach

      • Are you interested in teaching in Prosper ISD but unsure how to get started or if you are eligible? At this session, you will learn how to maximize your college degree to become an Alternatively Certified Teacher. Come learn the steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the classroom including testing, internship, and ultimately, certification.


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      Silver Stars Campus Tours

      • This will be a one day event for our Prosper ISD Senior Citizens to have the opportunity to tour several of our campuses.  We will have student performances involved as they arrive on campuses.  


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      Understanding STAAR and Its Data

      • Program Evaluation will present an overview of the STAAR test and how to understand the results from the test for parents.


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      Welcome to Prosper ISD Special Education

      The Special Ed Network: A Place to Connect and Engage

      • Come connect with Special Education and District leaders, meet other parents, have your questions answered, and learn about current events related to Prosper ISD Special Education. We are stronger together! 


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      Post High School Planning Events

      • Prosper ISD is proud to offer students and parents a variety of post-secondary informational sessions and events. Each will provide a different facet of understanding the options students have after high school. 


      Parenting Seminars

      • The parent education committee provides support/workshops for parents based on identified topics that are important to parents in the school district based on counselor needs surveys sent in August.

        This committee is focused on providing parents with resources to help students’ social and emotional health.

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      Realtor Connect

      • Prosper ISD works with local realtors to host informative meetings to help the team learn about the district. The meeting provides information that realtors may need to answer questions about the district from prospective buyers. Contact Lisa Ciatti at to set up a time for district representatives to come to your next team meeting. 


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