Dual Credit Information

  • Dual Credit courses are specific classes that earn high school and college courses simultaneously.  Juniors and Seniors are eligible to participate, with a singular exception for sophomores on the health science track who may choose to take Medical Terminology.

    Class Models:

    School year 2024-2025: we have two options for students wishing to participate in dual credit classes:

    1. Traditional:  This is the a la carte model that we have utilized in the past. Students take select classes on their PISD campus. These classes may be taught by “visiting” faculty who travel from Collin to teach at our schools, or by “embedded” professors, who are also PISD teachers, certified and hired by Collin College to teach these classes.  Students can also take a la carte classes in-person in the evenings, weekends, and summer, with certain restrictions.
    2. Collin Celina Campus Cohort:  Students who commit (during the Spring semester, by February 1st) to the Celina Cohort, will do the morning half of their school day at the Collin College campus in Celina.  Bus transportation will be available for those who need it.  Students who enter this cohort as a junior and continue as a senior, can earn up to 58 credit hours prior to graduation. This program will depend on guaranteeing a level of student interest to ensure classes are available. If your student is interested in participating in this program, please fill out this form.  We will connect with all students later in the year to request a firm commitment.

    How do I sign up for dual credit classes?

    1. Apply to Collin College.  Do this now. 
      1.  You have to apply and become a Collin student before you do anything else--Hint: Do NOT use your Prosper ISD email on your application since it will go away after you graduate from high school.
      2. Save your email that you receive that has your CWID and Collin Login information.  
    2. Decide if you want to commit to the Celina Campus Cohort. If you do, we will ask you to submit a form in late January or early February.
    3. Submit your Dual Credit Permission Form (pick up in any House Office)
    4. Submit the Course Request form (given after the permission form is turned in)
      1. These two above forms must be completed by February 1, 2024.
    5. Clear holds in Cougarweb (current dual credit students) or Complete Action Items in Workday Student Portal (new students starting Fall 2024).
      1. A Collin College Counselor is on campus at all the high schools, which can help with both dual credit, Collin College, and any college and Career issues beyond high school.  Email Alicia Schulze if you have questions. She is a great resource.
      2. The two holds you will have to clear are the Mandatory Safety Training and the TSI (if you don't qualify for a waiver)
        1. To get priority registration, students must have all of the above done by March 20, 2024.
    6. Pay for your classes or set up a payment plan with Collin College by May 10, 2024.
      1. Students who do not pay for their classes by this deadline will be dropped and not reinstated into dual credit classes.
    7. Summer: Our counselors will contact you if we cannot reconcile conflicts in your schedule.  In rare cases, you may be asked to choose between dual credit classes, or elective programs.


    Need help?

    Contact your Counselor

    Contact Collin College Liaison Counselor Alicia Schulze