Clubs at Hays Middle School

Clubs at Hays Middle School

    • One of our campus goals is to encourage students to explore, identify, and develop their strengths and passions. Clubs are a great way to build positive relationships and encourage students to find a sense of belonging at school. Research shows students who feel connected at school are more likely to put effort into academics.

      Students have two options when it comes to clubs:

      1. Join a Club: Check the Student Clubs webpage to see what clubs are happening and join one. There's no sign up sheets, just find one you like and join. If it is an organization like National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, or Speech & Debate Team, check their webpages for more information. 

      2. Start a Club: If you're interested in starting your own club, these are the steps you need to take:

      • Find a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor will be present at meetings in a supervisory capacity only.
      • Find a meeting place (Usually the sponsor teacher's classroom).
      • Decide on a day and time.  Clubs can happen before school, after school, or at lunch.  Clubs can happen weekly, every other week, or monthly.
      • Create a plan to advertise or promote your club.
      • Once you have these items in place, submit a Club Approval Form below. You will receive an email if your club is approved.

      If you have any questions about existing clubs, contact the sponsor of the club or organization.