Hays Middle School StuCo

  • Hays Middle School Student Council is an organization made up of students in every grade level that are elected by their peers. The voting process occurs in the first few months of school where students create a video advocating for themselves to be a representative of this school. Once elected, the students are responsible for brainstorming, compiling resources and running events to raise money for the school and/or community. These events also provide an opportunity for our student body to grow closer, feel more connected and take pride in the school we all know and love.

    This year we plan to:

      • Help with assemblies and pep rallies 

      • Plan a fall and spring dance

      • Work with the theater program to put on a talent show

      • Holiday Door decorating Competition 

      • Spread the word and get involved in Homecoming

      • AND SO MUCH MORE! 

    Student Council Sponsor: