• Q: What is the procedure for after practice showering?

    8th graders do not shower as they have afternoon practice. 7th grade boys will shower after practice, during the period.  They are asked to wear swim trunks and shower shoes. They can clip their trunks to the laundry clip along with their other athletic clothes to ensure they are being washed everyday.  Coaches will provide a clean towel everyday. Soap/Shampoo will not be provided.  


    Q: Will my child's athletic laundry be washed daily?

    Yes, coaches will wash athletic laundry on a daily basis.  We ask that the athletes do not take their clothes home. 


    Q: Will my child be assigned a school issued athletic locker, with a lock?

    Yes, every athlete will be assigned an athletic locker.  We ask that valuables are locked up at all times, as we are not responsible for any missing items. 


    Q: Will parents have the option of purchasing pre-game meals for in season sports?



    Q: If my child is not participating in the current sport, will they be involved in an off-season training program?

    Yes, and any athlete involved in off-season is required to be in at least one sport offered by Rushing Middle School. 


    Q: What equipment is provided by Rushing MS? What equipment is each athlete responsible for providing themselves?

    We provide everything but shoes, socks, cleats and under garments. All other work out attire is provided.


    Q: What sports at Rushing MS are determined by tryout/cut process?

    Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer.  Anyone can participate in Track and Cross Country, although there are limited spots for meets.


    Q: How many teams will each team sport participate with?

    We plan to have 3 teams for Football, Volleyball and Basketball (this is subject to change if we do not have enough athletes participating in that particular sport). We will have 2 teams for Soccer.


    Q: What determines the team that my child plays on during their sport?

    Athletic skill level, classroom behavior, grades, and work ethic.


    Q: What are the associated fees in attending Rushing MS Athletic events?

    Students (K-12)- $2

    Adults- $4


    *If you have any other questions please email Coach Rodriguez (clrodriguez@prosper-isd.net).*