• All Athletes: 

    Before any student can participate in athletics, they must complete the following: 

    Online Rank One Forms (please read through all forms upon signing as the students and parents are agreeing to the Prosper Athletic Terms.) 

    Up to date Physical (must be completed on Prosper ISD Form which you may obtain from your campus)(yearly)

    Students must be in the athletic period to participate in any sports. Students must complete at least one sport in order to participate in athletics.  Trying out for a sport and getting cut does not count as completing a sport. 


     Fall Sports 



    Equipment needed: knee pads, water bottle and school colored sports bra (respective school colors), black game day shorts (i.e black spandex or black shorts) 

    Equipment provided: volleyballs, shorts, workout tops and uniforms 

    Recommended equipment: volleyball shoes and black spandex 

    Timeline and details: Volleyball is our first sport of the year. Tryouts are typically the second week of school. We take 32-36 students among three teams; A, B, and C teams (each team has a color based on middle school attending)

    Tryout Expectations

    Practice times:  7th grade will practice in the mornings before school into 1st period. 

    8th grade practices during 8th period ending after school. 

    Gameday: Typically Thursday nights with a possibility  of 1-2 Saturday commitments (tournament(s) or game)  

    2021 Game Schedule



    Equipment needed: cleats and compression shorts

    Equipment provided: practice gear, practice jerseys, uniform, shoulder pads, helmets, mouth guards

    Recommended equipment: school colored long sleeve shirt for cold weather

    Timeline and details: Football is our first male sport of the year. Football is NOT a tryout sport and practice typically begins the first week of school. Typically an Blue (A) and Black (B) teams but if numbers allow a White (C) team will be created.

    Practice times: 7th grade will practice in the mornings before school into 1st period. 

    8th grade practices during 8th period ending after school.

    Gameday: Typically Monday nights

    2021 Game Schedule


    Cross Country:

    Equipment needed: Proper running shoes, water bottle and if applicable, a school colored sports bra (purple, black, white or grey) 

    Equipment provided: Workout shorts, top and uniform

    Recommended equipment: watch to time runs (just needs to tell time) 

    Timeline and Details: Students are not cut from the Cross Country team. However, they compete for an opportunity to run in each meet. Meet entries range from 10 per gender and grade to unlimited. Students run 2 miles at the meets. Cross Country starts in September.

    Practice times: Practices are after school everyday except for competition days. Any in school conflicts can be resolved and playing multiple sports is encouraged. 

    Meet Days: Typically Mondays

    2021 Meet Schedule




    Winter Sports 


    Girl's Basketball: 

    Equipment Needed: Water bottle, neutral colored (black, white, or grey) sports bra

    Equipment provided: Practice clothes and game uniform 

    Recommended equipment: Basketball shoes and knee pads (black or white), neutral colored spandex

    Timeline and details: Tryouts are after volleyball season ends. They typically are held right before Thanksgiving break. We keep approximately 32-36 students among three teams; (A), (B) and ©

    Tryout Expectations

    Practice times: 7th grade will practice in the mornings before school through 1st period except on game days. 

              8th grade practices during 8th period and continues after school everyday with the exception of Wednesday.     Wednesday mornings, we practice before school only.

    Gameday: Typically Thursday nights with at least one Saturday commitment (tournament or game) 

    2021-2022 Game Schedule 


    Boy's Basketball

    Equipment Needed:  Water bottle

    Equipment Provided:  Practice clothes, Game uniform

    Recommended Equipment:  Basketball shoes,  Braces ankle/knee as needed for the specific athlete

    Timeline and Details:  Tryouts will be the week after the Football Season ends.  We take 32-36 total players among three  teams; Green(A), Blue(B), White(C)

    Tryout Expectations

    Practice Times:  7th Grade will practice in the mornings before school and 1st period.

    8th Grade will practice during 8th period and after school.

    Gameday:  Will vary.  Usually are on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday.  One or two weekend dates for games or tournaments.

     2021-2022 Game Day Schedule



    Equipment needed:  Water bottle, head gear, mouthpiece, athletic shoes (wrestling).

    Equipment provided:  Practice clothes, sweats and meet uniforms.

    Recommended equipment:  Wrestling shoes.

    Timeline and details: Practices begin usually the second Thursday of November.  Practices are held from 6:30 am - 7:30 am in the Reynolds MS MPF for Rushing MS and Reynolds MS.  Wrestlers need to arrive by 6:15 am.  Athletes will have the opportunity to shower and change for school after practices. Depending on the number of wrestlers, some wrestlers will not attend all meets, this will be determined in practice with wrestle-offs.

    Meet Days: Meet days will vary and will be announced as soon as available.

    2021 Meet Schedule


    Track and Field: 

    Equipment Needed: Water bottle, school colored sports bra (school color, black, white or grey) and athletic shoes

    Equipment provided: Practice clothes and game day uniform, shot puts, discuses, pole vault poles.

    Recommended equipment: Running shoes, spikes (for sprinters, purchase recommended after knowing that a student is considered a sprinter), Jumpers spikes (for high jumpers and pole vaulters purchase recommended after the student has confirmed they will participate in a meet), Slide shoes for throwers (for discus and shot put, purchase recommended after the student has confirmed they will participate in a meet)

    Timeline and details:  Students are not cut from the team. However, they compete for the meet they are attending based on how many entries we can take per meet. Students can compete in 5 events. 3 running and 2 field or 2 running and 3 field. Track begins after the basketball season. Track will begin after the Basketball season in February. 

    Meet Days: Typically Thursday nights  

    2022 Meet Schedule

     Spring Sports 



    Equipment Needed: Racket, water bottle, if applicable, Rushing Colors sports bra, no black sole athletic shoes 

    Equipment provided: Workout clothes, match day uniforms 

    Recommended Equipment: Tennis court shoes 

    Timeline and details: Students must try out to make the team.  Tryouts take place in early February and students that make the team are placed in the tennis team class. We have a girls and boys team of 

    Match Days: Typically Tuesdays 

    2022 Match Schedule 



    Equipment needed: Cleats, shin guards, if applicable, Rushing colors sports bra, water bottle 

    Equipment provided: Workout clothes, game day uniforms

    Timeline and details: Students must try out to make the team. Tryouts take place early April. We have two teams (A and B) mixed 7th and 8th grade. We keep 32-38 students. Practice will be held daily after school. 

    Game Days: TBD

    2022 Gameday Schedule

      Common Questions and Answers:

    Q: Can a student play more than one sport?

    A: Yes! In fact, this is highly encouraged. If there is a conflict between two sports, we work together to create a plan to allow the student to participate in both sports. However, Prosper athletics does not accommodate any outside programs/teams.

    Q: Do I have to be in the class period to participate/try out for a sport?

    A: Yes, all students MUST be in the class period to participate in a sport. Students must also complete the year in athletics and not switch out after their sport is completed. Students who are not in season will go to our offseason program.

    Q: If my child is not participating in the current sport, will they be involved in an off-season training program?

    A: Yes, and any athlete involved in off-season is required to be in at least one sport offered by Rushing Middle School.

    Offseason Expectations

    Q: What is the procedure for after practice showering?

    A: 8th graders do not shower as they have afternoon practice.7th graders can choose to shower after practice, during the period.  Boys are asked to wear swim trunks and shower shoes. They can clip their trunks to the laundry clip along with their other athletic clothes to ensure they are being washed everyday.  Boys coaches will provide a clean towel everyday. Girls will need to provide their own showering towel. Soap/Shampoo will not be provided. 

    Q: Will my child's athletic laundry be washed daily?

    A: Yes, coaches will wash athletic laundry on a daily basis.  We do not allow athletes to take their clothes home.

    Q: Will my child be assigned a school issued athletic locker, with a lock?

    A: Yes, every athlete will be assigned an athletic locker.  We ask that valuables are locked up at all times, as we are not responsible for any missing items.

    Q: Will parents have the option of purchasing pre-game meals for in season sports?

    A: Yes, the booster club will offer game day meals for most sports.

    Q: What equipment is provided by Rushing MS? What equipment is each athlete responsible for providing themselves?

    A: We provide everything but shoes, socks, cleats and under garments. All other work out attire and game attire is provided.

    Q: What sports at RushingMS are determined by tryout/cut process?

    A: Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer.  Anyone can participate in Football, Wrestling, Track, and Cross Country, although there are limited spots for meets.

    Q: How many teams will each team sport participate with?

    A: We try to have 3 teams (Purple, black, white) for each sport apart from Soccer. Soccer will only have 2 teams mixed with 7th and 8th graders.  This is subject to change if we do not have enough athletes participating in that particular sport.

    Q: What determines the team that my child plays on during their sport? Are the team levels final?

    A: Athletic skill level, classroom behavior, grades, and work ethic. Athletes will be placed on a team determined by the coaching staff but is always subject to change.

    Q: What are the associated fees in attending Rushing MS Athletic events?

    Students (K-12)- $2

    Adults- $4