Strength & Conditioning

    • Our focus at Walnut Grove High School is to help each athlete maximize their potential athletic ability. Athletes will follow a Long Term Athletic Development plan to help them develop the movement patterns and strength needed to excel at a high level. This comprehensive plan will help them in each of the following aspects:

      • Safety
      • Mobility
      • Stability
      • Power
      • Strength
      • Strength Endurance

      When we look at the demands for all sports, there are seven movement components that are required. These seven patterns are repeated in all sports and form the basics for athletic development.

      • HINGE - Getting into and out of an athletic position with power and speed
      • SQUAT - The ability to absorb force and generate movement
      • SINGLE LEG - Sports are not played in a stationary position, you must be able to move
      • CORE - A strong lower back and mid-section keeps the body stationary and safe
      • CARRY - A strong grip and upper back protect your body and allow you to move objects
      • HORIZONTAL PUSH/PULL - Athletes have to get objects to and away from them
      • VERTICAL PUSH/PULL -  Can you move yourself over objects or objects over you

      When we look at the total workload of a strength training program, it should include each of these components multiple times a week and in a variety of ways.