Dual Credit Registration

  • What is Dual Credit?

    Dual credit is a way for students to complete both their high school and college general education requirements at the same time. For example, dual credit HIST 1301 in the fall and HIST 1302 in the spring will count as their high school US History requirement AND they will receive 6 college credit hours for History.


    Which classes are available for Dual Credit?

    The Prosper ISD Course Guide (link here) lists all of the classes available for dual credit.


    Where are Dual Credit classes taught?

    For the most part, dual credit classes will be taught at the student's high school. The exceptions are the classes for the Celina Campus Cohort and the dual credit EMT health science program.


    What is the process to enroll in Dual Credit for the 2024-2025 school year?

    Dual Credit Admission Process


    What is the TSI?

    The Texas Success Initiative is a state requirement to prove college-readiness before students can take college-level classes. There are 3 sections to the test: ELAR, Essay, and Math. Students must test at college-level in ELAR and Essay to take dual credit English, History, Government, Economics, Speech, and Art Appreciation.
    Students must test at college-level in Math to take dual credit Math.


    Do I have to take the entire TSI?

    Not necessarily. Students are encouraged to take the full test to save time and money later on, but students only need to take the section(s) of the TSI that relate to their selected dual credit subjects:

    • TSI ELAR and Essay for dual credit English, History, Government, Economics, Speech, and Art Appreciation

    • TSI Math for Math and Science


    Is there a TSI Study Guide?

    Yes! Here is the link to a great resource to review the sections of the TSI.


    Do I qualify for a TSI Waiver?

    A TSI Waiver can be provided based on PSAT and/or STAAR scores. For more information, please click here.


    Do I qualify for a TSI Exemption?

    A TSI Exemption can be provided based on SAT or ACT scores. For more information, please click here.


    What is Cougarweb and Workday Student Portal?

    For current dual credit students (prior to Fall 2024), Cougarweb is the student portal for Collin College, very similar to Skyward. A link to Cougarweb can be found on Collin’s website here. Students who start taking classes in Fall 2024 will use the new Collin College system: Workday Student. This new Student Portal will replace Cougarweb.


    I can't remember my CWID. Where can I find it?

    • For current dual credit students (prior to Fall 2024), you can find your CWID in Cougarweb. Select the “My Profile” link and you’ll see your CWID listed next to your name.
    • For new dual credit students (starting in Fall 2024), you will find your CWID in your Workday Student Portal.
    • If you can’t log into your student portal, check your personal email account (and the spam/junk folder!); you should have received an email with the subject “Welcome to Collin College.” This email includes your CWID.

    What is One Login?

    The One Login Protect App is the two-factor security app for Collin College students. It must be set up on the student's phone, not the parent's phone, and linked to the student's Collin College account. A helpful set-up guide can be found here.

    One Login is required to access your Collin email, apply for ACCESS accommodations, apply for Collin scholarships, and access Canvas (the classroom portal like Google classroom). If a student does not have a phone, please contact Ms. Schulze for additional information.

    *PLEASE NOTE – Instructions for One Login will be emailed to the student’s personal email account after applying to Collin College. This email will come from helpdesk@collin.edu with the subject “Student OneLogin Credentials.”

    **DO NOT DELETE the One Login App after set-up.


    ***If the student switches to a new phone, the student will need to send an email to dualcredit@collin.edu to request a reset to their One Login access.


    How do I access my Collin email?

    First, set up the One Login Protect App. Then, to access your Collin email, go to www.collin.onelogin.com. Select the Office 365 icon. Use your Collin email (your One Login username @collin.edu) to sign into Microsoft Office. Once signed in, select the Outlook icon on the left side of the Office 365 landing page.


    Login Issues: I can't find my Cougarweb password, I deleted the One Login App, or I got a new phone and now I can't access my Collin email or Canvas. What should I do?

    In this case, to reset your One Login or to find your Cougarweb password, please contact dualcredit@collin.edu from your personal email related to your Collin account with the following information:

    • Subject: Login Assistance

    • Full Name (Required)

    • DOB (Required)

    • CWID (Required)

    • Collin Email (Required for OneLogin issues, but not initial CougarWeb access)

    • Issue (ex. I got a new phone and can’t access OneLogin, I deleted the app and can’t access OneLogin, I never received the OneLogin setup email, I never received my CougarWeb login, etc. etc.)


    Can I get my accommodations in Dual Credit classes?

    Yes, but students must submit a separate application to receive accommodations. High school accommodations do not automatically apply to dual credit classes. Please visit the Collin College ACCESS website here. Once students have applied to Collin College and set up the One Login Protect app, they will select "Requesting Classroom Services" on the ACCESS website. Step 3 provides the link to the application. The sooner a student completes this step, the better.  


    What is a "hold" and what is an "action item?"

    A hold and an action item are the exact same thing. Current dual credit students (prior to Fall 2024) will see “holds” in Cougarweb. New dual credit students (starting Fall 2024) will see “action items” in their Workday Student Portal. Holds and action items are like red-lights on your Collin account that serve as reminders to complete a pre-registration step. Some holds for dual credit students will stay on their Collin account until spring of their senior year in high school. These include:

    • High School Permission Form - as long as the form was submitted to the high school counselor's office, no further action is needed.

    • Immunization/Bacterial Meningitis - no further action is needed if students are taking classes at the high school.

      • Dual Credit Cohort and EMT students will need to submit Bacterial Meningitis record via MedProctor.

    What is the Celina Campus Cohort?


    Students have the option to register for the dual credit Celina Campus Cohort for both 11th and 12th grades. This Cohort allows students to take 4 dual credit classes at the Celina Campus of Collin College, including a dual credit science class. Only students participating in the Cohort are allowed to take a science class for dual credit.
    Students can choose to participate in the Cohort for one year or two years.
    Students will attend the Celina Campus for 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th periods, and return to the high school for 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th periods.
    Transportation is provided by the ISD for students who need it.


    How do I register for Dual Credit?

    Students do not register themselves for dual credit classes. Students who complete the steps of the Dual Credit Enrollment Process (listed above) will be registered for dual credit classes by the Collin College Dual Credit Office and the College and Career Counselor.


    How much do Dual Credit classes cost?

    College classes are charged by the credit hour. Most dual credit classes are 3 credit hours. The tuition rate for the 2023-2024 school year is $62/credit hour. There is a $2 per semester Student Record Fee, and Math classes will have a $5 Lab fee. Therefore, the cost of one dual credit class is around $188.