Welcome to Rock Hill High School Athletics and Rock Nation, Home of the Blue Hawks!

      • Our foundational beliefs align with the Prosper ISD Athletic Department Mission Statement that athletics is an extension of the educational setting at all times. We provide the most important values and lessons through athletics while developing the overall student into a better athlete and better person. Our athletic objectives emphasize our district athletic objectives of excellence, leadership and relationships. 
        Rock Hill Athletic Programs will be run with only the best interests of ALL student athletes in mind. We will afford all our athletes the best opportunity to succeed athletically, academically and socially. All students will have the opportunity to develop core traits like commitment, sacrifice, work ethic, team work, competitiveness and learn how to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
        Coach Mark Humble, our Athletic Coordinator and Head Football Coach believes, "Our PURPOSE as a whole is to provide life lessons through teachable moments. Our entire athletic staff's PURPOSE is to help create better students, athletes, leaders and people. Rock Hill Athletic goals are to build CHAMPIONS on and off the field/arena and prepare them to be CHAMPIONS in the game of LIFE."