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  • Prosper High School is extremely proud of its award-winning Choirs.  Not only has the PHS Choir nurtured the lives of hundreds of Prosper students over the years, but the Prosper Choir has also consistently earned Sweepstakes trophies at UIL Concert and Sight Reading Competition as well as several best in class and most outstanding awards at other music festivals and competitions. Most recently, Prosper's Varsity Mixed Choir was honored with an invitation to join the King's Singers in a performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

    The mission of the Prosper High School Choir is to provide a comprehensive music education to the talented singers in our program.  It is our expectation that students in the PHS Choir program will gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform and appreciate music throughout their life in addition to developing life skills such as teamwork, discipline, responsibility and leadership. 

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