•  Teri Meyers                                           

    Teri Meyers                                                     
    Payroll / Benefits Supervisor                                                           

    469-219-2010 ext. 12103                    

    Fax: 469-219-2022                                


    Keri Croy

    Keri Croy                                                    
    Payroll Specialist                                                    

    469-219-2010 ext. 12108                    

    Fax: 469-219-2022 

Verification of Employment

  • If you need to obtain a Verification of Employment, please email Keri Croy with your specific requirements as well as the Borrower's Certification & Authorization form.  You may also fax any requests to 469-219-2022.  We do accept digital signatures. Our turnaround time is a maximum of 24 hours.

Employee Access Center

  • All Prosper ISD faculty and staff have the ability to access and review pay information and W-2 information with our Employee Access Center. You can access the Employee Access Center on the Prosper ISD homepage under Staff/Employee Access Center, or by clicking HERE

    Instructions for setting up your profile in the Employee Access Center can be found HERE You can also contact Keri Croy, Payroll Specialist if you have any further questions.

Electronic Payroll Forms

  • Change of Address for Employees

    Employees are required to keep all information up to date with the Payroll and Human Resources Departments.  Please use the link below to fill out an electronic Change of Address Form.

    Electronic Change of Direct Deposit

    Below is a link to fill out an electronic Direct Deposit form to change your account information.  You will need to have your employee ID number (ID number on your badge, numeric values only, and you must add leading zeros to have six digits total). If you submit a new Direct Deposit form and do not hear back from someone in Payroll within 24 hours, please contact the Payroll Department to make sure it was successfully processed.

     Electronic W-4

    Below is a link to an electronic version of the W-4 to make a change. You will need to have your employee ID number (six-digits).  Upon completion of the W-4, you will receive an email from someone in Payroll within 24 hours confirming your changes. If you do not hear from Payroll within 24 hours, please contact the Payroll Department.



Pay Periods & Information

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Prosper ISD Employees are paid once a month.

    Payday is on the 25th of the month or on the Friday before if the 25th falls on a weekend.

    Direct Deposit is mandatory. We deposit to one account.

Employee Workday Calendars 18-19

Salary Schedule