OPENING 2020

  • Rock Hill High School

    Rock Hill High School


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    Location: This campus will be located on Coit Road south of 380.

    Work in Progress or Ongoing
    Site work

    • Grading and forming at retaining walls for the detention pond ongoing, rock excavation at the detention pond almost complete. Rain has held up completion of this scope.

    • Installing light PP poles and bases ongoing

    • Baseball and softball subgrade complete

    • Baseball and softball dugouts ongoing

    • Touchup of baseball retaining wall

    • Tennis court grading and prep

    • Irrigation for practice fields ongoing

    • Irrigation installation on site

    • Well digging complete as of today

    • Transportation site walls/brick screen wall ongoing

    Main Building

    • Steel erection ongoing in area M and L, deck installation in area E roofs

    • Area R overhead MEP rough in

    • Fireproofing in area D, N, P and Q ongoing

    • CMU interior wall top out in area Q and P ongoing

    • CMU exterior install in N ongoing

    • Exterior brick being installed on A and B

    • Area J grade beams concrete pour to commence if weather permits

    • HVAC area C, D and N first and second floor ongoing

    • Plumbing rough in ongoing in area N, D, P, Q and E first and second floor ongoing Aerial - East Side - Main Entry

    • Fire sprinkler installation in area D, P, Q first and second, area N first floor

    • Electrical rough in area D, P, Q and N wall and overhead ongoing • CFMF installation ongoing at interior second floor of area D, N, P and Q

    • Taping and painting ongoing on area C, P and Q first and second floors

    • Tile mock up complete, Tile install ongoing in A and B

    • Low voltage cable tray installation in corridors in area A, B ongoing first and second floor

    • RTU’s to be lifted complete in Areas A,B,C,P,Q,R, MAC and concession buildings

    • Roofing in area P and Q ongoing Mac

    Building / Out Building

    • Roofing and insulation ongoing on metal building

    • Masonry exterior and interior wall installation

    • Framing and sheathing of parapets

    • MEP rough in ongoing

    • Drywall framing ongoing Transportation Facility

    • CMU installation for building almost complete

    • Steel framing complete

    • Steel trusses complete

    • MEP overhead installation ongoing

    • Roofing starts today

    • CMFM framing ongoing

    • Propane underground installation

    Work Upcoming (Two week look ahead)
    Site work

    • Retaining walls ongoing

    • Tennis courts

    • Irrigation ongoing

    • Main building fence

    • Main building sidewalks

    Main Building

    • Steel erection in area F

    • Area D, N, R exterior CFMF

    • Two side area C

    • Installation of exterior rigid insulation area B and C

    • Exterior masonry B and C

    • MEP rough in E and M

    • Fire sprinkler rough in E and M

    • Roofing at D and N

    • Decking to begin in area M and L

    • Partial slab pour area J and H

    Mac Building / Out Building

    • CMU installation on the MAC building ongoing

    • Metal roof on practice field of MAC building

    • Grading of indoor football field Transportation Facility

    • CFMF interior and exterior walls

    • Drilling for canopy supports

    • Screen wall



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