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  • Proposed High School Attendance Zones

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    High School Boundaries The time is here for us to zone high schools for the upcoming school year. Normally, we do not finalize this until the spring, but since high schools have UIL implications this process will need to be completed by the end of October. With that said, due to our numbers, we are striving to open Rock Hill HS as a full high school serving all grades out of the gate (9-12). (For FAQ about RHHS, follow this link)

    Speaking of numbers, we are considering a few options and are going to need the assistance of those affected. The map below is the most current "proposed" zoning for 2020-2021 when Rock Hill opens. The easiest approach would be not to "grandfather" and just draw the lines, but the Board wanted to consider options that may be less impactful - especially to seniors (and possibly others).

    All juniors (next year's seniors) and all sophomores (next year's juniors) are being asked to make a choice on which school they would rather attend. It is important to note that this is NOT simply an informal survey. When you select which school you would prefer to attend then that will be used in the numbers that we provide the UIL for them to determine reclassification (6A, 5A, etc.). In other words, there are no "do-overs" or "take backs", so please consider your choice carefully before submitting your declaration. These are definitely the "unfun" times of our growth, but it is an inevitable issue that we must address. Also, before making your decision, there are two other items worth noting: 1. Busing will NOT be provided to any student who does not live in the zone of their high school. In other words, although a student may be allowed to attend the HS outside their zone, busing will not be provided for those students (which is the practice that has been in place for many years); 2. This does NOT include siblings. The purpose of this is to assess the senior class of 2021.

    Parents of current juniors (next year's seniors) and current sophomores (next year's juniors) will submit their choice through Skyward. Directions on how to submit your choice can be found here.  If you do not submit a choice by your student's grade level deadline, then your default selection will be where you are zoned. Once we evaluate these numbers, we will look to see if any other options should be considered. These are undoubtedly tough decisions, so we are doing everything we can to minimize student impact (where possible).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate with us via Eagle Chat or emailing

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