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Library BreakOut

The library is no longer a place for just books and story time. Prosper ISD libraries are a place for students to come together to learn across all content areas. Librarians work with the teachers to provide innovative and transformative learning experiences for all students. Lifelong learning is at the heart of Prosper ISD libraries!

In our society, Escape Rooms have become one of the new family-friendly activities that provides both fun and education to the participants. Many of our campuses are getting involved in the excitement with curriculum focused “escape room” type activities. 

At Spradley Elementary, Librarian Megan Tumulty created such an activity called Breakout EDU to help students learn about the Spradley library.  Similar to the Escape Room concept, a Breakout EDU is a game platform that is used to introduce, review, or reinforce content. A Breakout EDU kit consists of a plastic box and a set of locks. The teacher writes a set of puzzles and clues related to the content and locks the box. The students must work together in teams to solve the puzzle elements in a set amount of time in order to unlock all the locks and break into the box. 

Tumulty and Library Assistant, Melanie Cutts, “wanted our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to learn about the library in a non-traditional manner. So, instead of a "sit and get" library orientation that taught the routines and procedures of the library, we decided to embed the routines, procedures, and skills into a game so the students could learn with their team through a series of puzzles and clues.”

During the Library Orientation Breakout EDU, students learned how to independently check-in and check-out their library books, how many books they can borrow from our physical library and digital library on Overdrive Sora, and they learned that the library is arranged in different categories by genre. During the Breakout, all teams were encouraged to move around the library to search and look for clues to unlock one of the five locks- a word lock, a key lock, number locks, and a directional lock.

During a Breakout EDU, the students are at the center of their learning. Our students had to move around the library and communicate, collaborate, and problem solve with their team in order to unlock each lock on the breakout box. Through this learning experience, many students learned that the key to communication is not just talking, but listening to the ideas and thoughts of others in their groups.