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A New Tradition in Tennis

The Prosper High School Tennis Team is Soaring to New Heights while holding onto tradition. The team has had a great start to the school year. By mid-September, the Varsity team was 7-2 and 4-0 in district. The JV was 3-1 in district. 

But before the season started, the team decided that a new tradition was in order. The team decided that each season they would begin with a student athlete singing the National Anthem. This year that athlete was Junior, Eli Steuer. It was such a special moment for the team and a tradition that they plan to keep going year after year.

Coach Mandy Weaver is especially proud of the team. “I want to highlight that it is a complete TEAM effort to be where we are right now. An athlete can go out and win their individual match, but we have to win a total of at least 10 matches to win the entire dual match. We fight together, we win together and to see them pull together and do this as a team is really something.”

When asked what Weaver is most proud of about her team, she emphasized “It's the way they represent! They represent Prosper ISD, Prosper HS and their peers see that. They just set such a great example!”