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NEWS: Long Range Planning Committee Makes Recommendation to Board of Trustees

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Families continue to choose Prosper ISD as a sought-after destination for its exemplary educational experiences, nationally recognized fine arts programs, and state-winning athletic teams. This has led to a significant increase in the district's population, positioning Prosper ISD as one of the fastest-growing school districts, not just in the state, but also across the nation.

To uphold Prosper ISD's status as a top-tier school district, a dedicated group of nearly 80 individuals from the Prosper ISD community convened to deliberate and strategize for the district's future needs and advancements. This collaborative effort took place as the district approaches the final stages of implementing projects funded by the 2019 Bond.

Under the guidance of Dr. Eddie Coulson from N2 Learning, the Long Range Planning Committee conducted a thorough planning process, drawing upon demographic data, housing information, and a comprehensive facilities study. Their objective was to formulate recommendations that would guide the district's building program over the next 5-7 years and make sure that every student and every teacher in every school has the tools and facilities they need to maintain the high standards of excellence that makes Prosper ISD the best choice in education in the nation.

“The Long Range Planning Committee at its core is about our kids. We want to provide them with the best opportunities and the best facilities and the best teachers and staff possible. The Prosper community set the standard for this long ago. Excellence every way every day,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Holly Ferguson.

“As one of the fastest growing school districts in the state that attracts more than 3,000 new students each year, we must continually evaluate our facilities and support systems to determine if our learning environments, equipment and infrastructure are equipped to best support the future for our children and community. The LRPC is invaluable to the planning process because it allows the district to hear from and incorporate many different perspectives from people in the community,” Dr. Ferguson said.

The committee prioritized

  • Building new schools to address growth

  • Modernizing older campuses and district facilities

  • Building additional facilities that support campuses

  • Embedding safety & security measures

  • Providing technology infrastructure to last into the unknown future

  • Providing flexibility in devices to prepare for the unknown future

  • Buying land as the district can find it

After numerous meetings and extensive hours of deliberation, the Long Range Planning Committee presented a detailed report to the Board of Trustees. The report outlined their proposals, which encompassed various measures to effectively manage the surge in student enrollment. These recommendations included the establishment of new schools, renovations to existing campuses, the provision of supplementary district support facilities, as well as funding additional safety and security measures and fulfilling technology infrastructure requirements and devices for students and staff.

Committee member Amy Gorgueiro presented the committee’s recommendation to the Board. Ms. Gorgueiro has lived in Prosper since 2015 and has two current students in Prosper ISD and one graduate of Prosper High School. In addition to being a member of the Superintendent Parent Advisory Council, Ms. Gorgueiro has been a Parent Ambassador, a member of the School Health Advisory Committee, a room mom, volunteered for 6 years total with the Reynolds Darlings and PHS Talonettes, is on the Board this year for PHS Orchestra, and has been an active participant in all academic, fine arts, sports and church activities that her children have been involved with.

“The committee has combed over facts, statistics, growth rates, current challenges, future realities and needs. We toured one of the oldest schools in Prosper and saw firsthand the limitations that exist impacting students and teachers today. We have carefully considered our Prosper ISD community's children, our cherished teachers and staff, the exceptional education we provide and have become known for, and the safety of everyone as we continue to grow the rising future generation blessed to call Prosper ISD home. Our goal, as an informed, involved, committed and knowledgeable group of parents and community members, was to bring you a recommendation for a building program agreed upon by the participants,” said Ms. Gorgueiro.

The committee's recommendation reflects the high standards set by the community, addresses projected growth in a prudent and informed manner, allows flexibility and responsiveness to changing growth patterns, accounts for inflation and rising construction costs, and ensures that the proposed initiatives do not result in a tax-rate increase.

Parents and community members have identified the following facilities as essential for driving Prosper ISD forward and providing students and teachers with the best opportunities every day.


  • One Early Childhood School

  • Six Elementary Schools

  • Two Middle Schools

  • Complete HS #4

  • High School #5

  • Second stadium (8,000 seat)

  • Administration Building/Professional Learning Center

  • Outdoor Learning Experience


  • Modernize 8 Campuses

    • Baker ES, Cockrell ES, Folsom ES, Light Farms ES, Rucker ES

    • Reynolds MS, Rogers MS

    • Prosper HS

  • Expand 4 Campuses

    • Rucker ES

    • Reynolds MS, Rogers MS

    • Prosper HS

  • Update current administration building for alternate use

  • Renovate turf and tracks






  • Technology infrastructure
  • Technology devices for students, teachers, staff

The Committee’s recommendation totals $2,681,989,233 – with no increase to the tax rate. The Board will now review the committee’s recommendations and consider the scope and timing of any potential future bond referendum to put before the voters.

In 2019, 85 percent of Prosper ISD taxpayers approved the 2019 Bond, which is successfully wrapping up with the completion of new campuses, facility renovations, technology additions, and safety and security updates.