Transportation Road-eo

Posted by PISD Communications on 1/29/2019

People visiting Texas often expect to see all Texas citizens riding their horses and participating in their Bus Road eo favorite pastimes, rodeos. It doesn’t take visitors long to learn that, while this applies to a portion of the population in Texas, it is far from the majority of Texans today. Prosper ISD transportation, however, has decided to stay true to the Texas heritage and participate in the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) road-eo to tighten up their driving and safety skills. The competition challenges drivers to “show off their precision driving skills and their knowledge of all things related to the school bus driver's job” according to the TAPT website.

Prosper drivers go through yearly training as well as updates throughout the school year to help ensure that they are cognizant of the most recent changes to student transportation laws and expectations. One Prosper ISD driver said it best that the transportation team “takes pride in ensuring that our kids are able to start and end their educational day safe and well cared for.”