Science Fair Data and Analysis

Posted by PISD Communications on 3/5/2019

Last week the focus in Ms. Meg Steven’s Kindergarten class at Hughes Elementary was on Science Fair gummy bear experiment pictures Data and Analysis.  As a class the students formed the question "What would happen to a gummy bear in liquid?" Students formed their hypothesis based on what they thought would happen to a gummy bear in water, salt water, and lemon lime soda (7-UP).  

Once the hypothesis was formed, the students conducted the experiment and observed/recorded the changes over three days.  At the end of the experiment it was time to develop a conclusion! The class came to the conclusion that if you put a gummy bear in liquid it WILL change!  

Ms. Stevens’ students really enjoy digging into Science. This activity allowed them the opportunity to participate in the Science Fair in a creative way with students demonstrating learning about the world through scientific investigation.  The students will show their families the Science Fair board during Open House on March 7th