Required Documents

    • Proof of Residency at Student’s Current Residence
      • Current electric, gas, or water bill showing usage, service address, date, and account owner name. 
        (P.O. Boxes, connection letters, and disconnect notices are not accepted); or
      • Closing Document (T-64 preferred) if enrolling within 30 days of closing on a home. An electric, gas, or water bill is required to be submitted within 45 days after closing date; or
      • Signed Lease Agreement including physical address, term dates, list of all occupants, signature of lessee and lessor. An electric, gas, or water bill must be submitted within 45 days of lease start date. 
    • Student’s Birth Certificate or Passport
    • Copy of Student’s last report card or high school transcript
    • Social Security Card (optional)
    • Current Immunization Records
    • Parent Driver’s License or Passport (not expired)
    • Withdrawal form from student’s previous school
      Note:  If student completed the year at their previous campus, this is not required.

Scanning documents from a phone

  • iPhone (Click here for a PDF version with images)

    • Open Notes app
    • Create a new Note (tap icon in lower right corner)
    • Tap the camera icon and choose Scan Documents
    • Position document and tap the camera button
    • Retake if needed, then tap Keep Scan
    • Tap the Save button
    • Tap the Share icon (top of screen)
    • Scroll down and choose Save to Files
    • Choose save location (iCloud, Drive, On My iPhone)


    • Open the Google Drive app
    • In the bottom right, tap the Plus sign to add
    • Tap Scan
    • Take a photo of the document you'd like to scan. Retry as needed. Tap OK when ready.
    • Tap the Crop icon. Adjust scan area. Tap Done when ready.
    • To add another page, click the plus sign in the bottom left. Take a photo and crop each document you add by following the previous two steps.
    • When finished, tap Save
    • Name document
    • Make sure the proper account and folders are chosen.
    • Tap Save