Club Academics Guidelines

  • 2024 - 2025 Prosper ISD 

    Club Academic Guidelines

    1. Purpose 

    Prosper ISD recognizes the desire of PISD students to participate in academic events that are not sanctioned or endorsed by the Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL), and these guidelines outline the district’s position on club academics and their interaction with the district.

    2. Definition

    For the purpose of these guidelines, a Club is a program organized by Prosper ISD students and/or their parents for the benefit of Prosper ISD students to provide the opportunity to compete in academic competitions in which the school district does not financially support and directly operate a team.

    3. Authority

    To the extent an Academic Club desires recognition by Prosper ISD and the privileges associated with such recognition, the Club must adhere to those norms of operation that apply to school-sponsored interscholastic programs and that reflect and support the district's educational mission and Guiding Documents.

    4. Recognition

    Recognition of a Club by Prosper ISD is a privilege that is subject to the annual approval by the Prosper ISD Director of Academic Competition. Requests for recognition shall be initially submitted to the Prosper ISD Director of Academic Competition for administrative review for compliance with the criteria and guidelines set forth below. The Director shall have the exclusive authority to grant a request for recognition.The Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Executive Director of Student Engagement and/or the Prosper ISD Director of Academic Competition may reject any request for recognition for any reason determined to be in the best interest of Prosper ISD. Recognition shall be granted for one (1) calendar year and shall terminate on the last day of the academic calendar year. To gain recognition for the upcoming year, all stipulations in the guidelines below must be met.

    5. Guidelines

    Sponsors of academic clubs, when seeking recognition, shall adhere to the following procedures. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the loss of recognition and the privileges associated with it. 

    • The club must present an annual application to be recognized by the district, in the form of the designated application. 

    • Each student participating will be required to pay the annual Prosper ISD activity fee. 

    • Each student involved must abide by the Prosper ISD Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook at all times while competing on or off school property or during practices.

    • Participants will be responsible for paying fees to cover club costs. These fees should be paid by October 1, 2024. Fees will include:

      • Registration costs

      • Materials costs 

      • Travel costs

      • PISD Staff Sponsor/Coach Compensation and travel expense

    • Each member participating will be responsible for their part of the fees. 

    • Teams wishing to get sponsors should consult with the Director of Academic Competition to get a sponsorship total needed before pursuing sponsorships.

    6. Management Guidelines 

    The designated Prosper ISD Staff member serving as the sponsor/coach shall be responsible for administering the following guidelines:

    • Clubs agree to follow the same calendar and cancellation policies of Prosper ISD.

    • Clubs must follow the same student eligibility criteria and requirements established by UIL and Prosper ISD for participation in school sponsored/recognized programs including, but not limited to, attendance and academic requirements (no pass/no play UIL Academic eligibility rules), and drug and alcohol testing.

    • Students subject to disciplinary action by the school district shall be prohibited from participating in clubs during the same period and to the same extent as students are prohibited from participation in school sponsored activities. 

    • A team roster must be submitted to the designated campus sponsor before the season begins.

    • The club must consist of a sufficient number of students to conduct the proposed activity in a meaningful manner. 

    • Participation is limited to registered Prosper ISD students who must meet all of the eligibility criteria including those set forth by the state governing body of the host organization.These criteria include, without limitation, verification of requisite academic progress, fulfillment of attendance requirements, and the completion of drug and alcohol testing and physical examination if required by the district or the host organization. Participation serves as permission by parents and an authorization to the school/district to furnish attendance, academic progress reports, and disciplinary reports to satisfy eligibility guidelines. 

    • School Letter or jacket awards for participation will follow the same academic standards as students participating in UIL school-sponsored academic programs.

    • Programs wishing to use school facilities must contact and communicate with the Prosper ISD Event Department ( directly on the usage schedule and comply with all user requirements and rental rates as set forth by the district. Prosper ISD club sponsor will be required to be present at all club practices and games. If a fee is required, the club members will be required to pay that fee according to district facility rental guidelines.

    • Any Competitions hosted by Prosper ISD by this club and/or on Prosper ISD school facilities must require permission from the Prosper ISD Director of Academic Competition PRIOR to moving forward with the planning of the competition.

    • Club teams must provide their own transportation to and from events. Prosper ISD will not provide transportation.

    • If a club wins a State Championship, they will not be displayed on the HS buildings/walls/parking lot as that is reserved for UIL events only. 

    7. Terms of Recognition

    The following terms apply to Prosper ISD recognition: 

    1. Upon receiving district recognition, club academics will receive the following privileges:

      1. Use of the PISD District or PISD school name where the club is recognized,and in full compliance with the district’s trademark and licensing program. 

      2. Use of the school colors. 

      3. Use of the school moniker, “Eagles, Blue Hawks, etc.”, and in full compliance with the district’s trademark and licensing program. 

      4. Participation in open houses and similar events as approved by the designated campus administrator. 

      5. Use of district facilities for practices when available and approved by the Prosper ISD Event Department with priority over outside groups only during the recognized season of an approved Club,

      6. Right to award a varsity letter when appropriate.

    2. At the discretion of the Director of Academic Competitions, the failure to comply with Prosper ISD rules and regulations, including those requirements set forth above, may result in a revocation of recognition and corresponding privileges and/or the denial of a subsequent annual request for recognition.