Prosper ISD Weather Guidelines

  • Closing & Delay Procedures
    • To ensure that we have the most current phone information for weather-related emergencies, please ensure your Skyward Family Access account is updated whenever your contact information changes.
    • Inclement Weather Procedures

      When inclement weather is a possibility, Prosper ISD district officials continually monitor weather conditions during the overnight and early morning hours. The district takes several factors into consideration before making a decision to cancel school, delay school, or dismiss school early due to inclement weather. These primary factors include:

      • The health, safety, and welfare of students and staff; and the safe transport of students and staff to school.
      • Teenage drivers on the roads and their safety

      Cancellations, Delays, and Early Releases – How Decisions are Made

      When inclement weather threatens normal school operations, the following steps are taken:

      1. District officials evaluate the roadways and travel conditions across the district.
      2. The Superintendent consults with Prosper ISD transportation staff and district safety and security personnel.
      3. After taking into account all the information that is received from external and internal sources, the Superintendent will make a decision as early as possible whether to delay or cancel school.

      The Communication Process – What Happens Next

      When a decision is made to cancel school, delay school, or dismiss school early, the district will notify parents using Blackboard Connected through email, phone, and text notification alerts and the Prosper ISD website will be updated as quickly as possible.

      Information about school closures, delays, or early dismissal will also be communicated through the following media, including but not limited to:

      • Prosper ISD Blackboard - Automated system that sends a message to all phone numbers and email addresses in the database.
      • Severe Weather information will be posted on the PISD home page (
      • Prosper ISD Twitter: @ProsperISD
      • Prosper ISD Facebook
      • Prosper Instagram: @prosper_isd
      • Local television stations
      • Local radio stations

      Because of the uncertainty of weather conditions, we ask that parents and staff monitor local media, the Prosper ISD website, and email before heading to school or sending children to the bus stop. An important rule of thumb to note is, if there is no announcement from Prosper ISD, then classes will be held on a normal schedule.

    Weather Guidelines for Elementary Schools

    During the hot days of summer, early fall, and late spring, there are frequent weather alerts. The following guidelines will apply to all elementary campuses. There will be no outside activity if one of the following alerts occurs:
    • "Feels like" temperature is above 100*
    • Temperature is below 40
    • Air quality levels in red or purple- unhealthy levels**
    *Grade level team leaders will view and enter the school’s zip code, and view the needed "feels like" temperature. The "feels like" temperature considers the heat index, adjusts the temperature accordingly, and is an accurate measurement of how hot it really feels.

    **Teachers are to check daily air quality indicators and sign up for daily alerts via email at

    Air Quality
    Air Quality Level Outdoor Activity
    Purple No outside activity
    Red No outside activity
    Orange Possible respiratory alert

    PISD restricts all elementary outdoor activity, when in PURPLE or RED air quality levels, which indicate unhealthy ozone levels for all students, even those with no respiratory health concerns.

    Parents of students with asthma, respiratory problems, or environmental allergies significant enough to cause health concerns, must provide the teacher with a one-time written notice stating that they would like their child to stay indoors on ORANGE alert days or with specific temperatures, if different than those temperatures above.