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  •  View from above of a person typing on a laptop.

    Chrome Tab Tools

    The tabs in a Chrome browser come loaded with some neat tools.

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  •  person looking and scrolling through a website.

    Ctrl F

    If you have ever needed to find information on a document or website (like this one!) but don't want to scroll through everything, this tip will help you find what you need quickly and efficiently.

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  • Google browser landing page.

    Mouse Options

    Have you ever found yourself trying to find the mouse cursor on your screen? Too small? Want to change the color?

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  •  Person standing in a sunflower field taking a picture of the viewer.

    Taking a Screenshot

    This is very useful when trying to get help with computer issues or writing directions.

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  •  Person upset about a computer mistake.

    Unsending an Email

    Do you always notice typos after you click send? These instructions will let you change your settings giving you more time to unsend an email.

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  • Person frustrated with their laptop.

    You closed a tab by mistake!

    Have you closed a Chrome tab that you needed? Did you close the Chrome browser with multiple tabs by mistake?

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  •  Computer showing multiple cartoon faces participating in a video conference.

    You're on mute!

    Yes, we have all been there. When this happens, we start frantically moving the mouse around searching for the mic icon. Fortunately, using the keyboard can be both easier and quicker. We also included tips to turn the camera off in case you ever have an unexpected pet visit or another kind of surprise adventure.

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  •  Person holding a magnifying glass over a bunch of random objects, focusing on some money.

    Zooming In and Out

    If you ever couldn't read text on a computer or everything looked gigantic, this is for you.

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