Criteria for Nomination

      General Qualifications

      • General Qualifications

        A. The following categories are eligible for nomination and induction:

             1. Athletes

             2. Coaches

             3. Contributors/Supporters (Athletic Trainers, Team Doctors, Sport Writer, Announcer etc.)

             4. Teams

        B. Must have made an exceptional contribution to Prosper ISD Athletics in one of the 4 categories listed in letter (A).

        C. Five (5) year waiting period after graduation. However, the Committee has the right to waive the five (5) year waiting period in extenuating circumstances

        D. Must have participated as a student athlete in a Prosper ISD high schools’ athletic program for a minimum of two (2) years at the Varsity level.

        E. The nominees must be of good moral character as may be determined at the sole discretion of the Committee.


      • Athletes

        In addition to the general qualifications to be considered for individual induction the nominee must meet at least three (3) of the following criteria

        A. Athletes must be a graduate of a Prosper ISD high school:

             1. Prosper High School

             2. Rock Hill High School

             3. Walnut Grove High School  

        B. The nominee must have made a truly exceptional contribution to their Prosper ISD high schools’ athletics program during their time there or post-graduation in the field of athletics.

        C. Recognition as a first or second team All State team member, or selected as a participant in a recognized coaches association All Star Game for team sports of football, basketball, softball, baseball or volleyball. For cross country, track and field, golf or tennis, the candidate must be recognized as a State qualifier in a specific event.

        D. Participated in athletic competition at the college and/or professional level.

        E. Named to a first team All District in at least two (2) sports for two (2) years, or three (3) years in one sport. (Example: soccer 2 years, softball 2 years or 3 years of basketball, etc)


      • Teams

        In addition to the general qualifications a team must meet one (1) of the following listed below.

        A. Winners of a State Championship.

        B. For team sports including football, basketball, softball or baseball, teams which participated in the time period prior to the inception of state-level playoff system must have won a district championship or bi-district championship. All other teams, with the addition of volleyball from team sports listed above, considered must have qualified as regional finalists or at levels above. For team sports, including cross country, track and field, golf and tennis, teams must have been State qualifiers.


      • Coaches

        In addition to the general qualifications to be considered for induction the coach must meet at least one (1) of the following criteria:

        A. Demonstrated success not only with win/loss record but also with purpose, goals, and loyalty to the Prosper ISD athletic programs he/she represents.

        B. State Championship

        C. Participated in no less than five (5) playoff appearances.

        D. Continuous athletic tenure in Prosper ISD for a period of no less than 15 years.


      • Contributors/Supporters

        Contributors/Supporters are individuals other than athletes or coaches who have made a significant contribution including time, talent, support, or funding to enhance the Prosper ISD Athletic Program.

        A. Candidates shall include but are not limited to, teachers, administrators, athletic trainers, announcers, sports writers, school patrons, and Prosper ISD staff. 

      Final Selection and Voting

      • Final Selection and Voting

        Nominees will be selected by a MAJORITY vote of the Prosper ISD Athletics Hall of Honor Committee.

        The Induction Class will be made up of the following:

             A. Athlete

             B. Coach

             C. Contributors/Supporters

             D. Teams

        The Committee has decided not to assign a certain number of inductees per year. We will decide on an annual basis.