Who are the campus principals for the 2020-21 school year?

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Baker Elementary - Ashley Gannon

Boyer Elementary - David Bill

Cockrell Elementary - Glenda Dophied

Folsom Elementary - Stephanie Cockrell

Furr Elementary - Cindy Zukowski

Hughes Elementary - Kim Newman

Johnson Elementary - Alissa Andrews

Light Farms Elementary - Haley Stelly

Rucker Elementary - Shelly Spears

Spradley Elementary - Machelle Scogin

Stuber Elementary - Dr. Jennifer Hinson

Windsong Ranch Elementary - Kardel Miller

Hays Middle School - Nick Jones

Reynolds Middle School - Justin Goldsmith

Rogers Middle School - Jason Jetton

Rushing Middle School - Danielle Wallace

PHS - Dr. John Burdett

RHHS - Dustin Toth

DAEP - Shelia Winter

*As with many other positions, campus principals are subject to change.